Season 1, Episode 1
Written by: Shane
Directed by: Shane
Starring: Shane
Characters: Fat Man Bob
Crazy Chik
Mr. Magictooth
The Killer
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None Pierce Monster Special

 Wipeout is the first video of Series 1. It is based on Wipeout from ABC. As of October 9th, it has been removed.



Shane stars as John, the host.


Pierce stars as Crazy Chik, and Mr. Magictooth.


Julien stars as Fat Man Bob, and The Killer.


Crazy Chik starts the show as the first contestant. He or she starts off by saying in the interview "I dont know if im a boy or a girl (The studies show) I don't know". He starts the course off by tripping at the start. Then he trips again on the log roll. He jumps on the bin, instead of over it, and the bin breaks. When he jumps on the big balls, he flips over.

Fat Man Bob then is next. John starts him up by saying "Here is Fat Man Bob!" to which Bob replies "Shut Up!". When the timer goes off, he asks himself what he is doing here and wastes 10 seconds. Then he runs over to the log roll. As soon as he steps on it, it goes up and hits him in the face. He punches a camera. On the big balls, he falls off very quickly. Then he is finished.

Mr. Magictooth is a very poor wizard who is trying to buy a house. He uses his magic to complete the course in about 45 seconds. But sadly, the next contestant kills him. The Killer starts the show by yelling at everyone at the place. Then he kills an unpaid interen.

The winner is The Assain, because he blackmailed all the contestants as well as the producers of the show. 


  • This is Crazy Chik's first apearence.
    • He will later make apearences in later episodes.