Horror Movie 33
Season 1, Episode 3
Horror Movie 33
Written by: Shane
Directed by: Shane
Starring: Lexi
Characters: Annie
The Killer
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Pierce Monster Special Stuffed Animal War

 Horror Movie 33 is the third episode of Season 1. It is based off of Scary Moive 3.



Shane Is an unnamed kid at a sleep over who gets killed.


Pierce is Pigman, a creepy kid who has a pig nose and gets killed.


Lexi is Annie is a girl who kills the evil spirit.


Savannah is The Killer who kills 2 of the 3 sleepover guests.


The story starts off when Annie and her best friend, who remains unnamed, having a sleepover/party with Pigman "The grossest one of them all" The sleepover soon turns into a disaster when a scary clip comes up on the TV. They get a call saying they have 3 days to live. Then a bag of chips hits the unnamed person in the face knocking himself and Annie out, then Pigman hits himself in the face knocking himslef out. Annie and her friend wake up "2" days later and notice Pigaman is dead. Then they notice speakers telling them they will die. Annie and her friend get seperated and her friend gets killed by The Killer. Annie finds a gun and starts repeaditly shooting the killer until the killer dies. 


  • This is Savannah and Lexi's first apearence in the Random Show. 
  • The 3rd episode was originally going to be Baby Cops, but that episode was deleted.